If you want to learn Twi (Ghana’s biggest language after English) we have something for you!

Support our tinyhouse dream, send us an email hello@tinyhouseghana.com with your name + on which platform you supported (Tikkie, PayPal or GoFundMe) and we will send you our DIY Twi Verbs Flashcards Package. You can support us starting with 1€ but… you get more gifts if you support with at least 10€. Check our gifts here.

Yes we collected 105 verbs, and made a PDF document of them. All you have to do is:

  • Print the document you will find in your mailbox
  • Buy cardboard paper
  • Cut the verbs from the document (but of course keep the pairs together!)
  • Cut the cardboard paper in 10 pieces (or less if you want bigger cards) each page
  • Glue the verbs on the cardboard paper (English front, Twi back)
  • Start improving your Twi language!

Use #tinyhouseghanatwi and tag us (IG: @tinyhouse_ghana and FB: /tinyhouseghana) on social media so we can see that you are learning!

We want you to know that we have the copyright on this DIY Twi Verbs Flashcards Package. If you know someone who would love to have this, send them to our support page so we can send them the package. Sharing this package without our permission is forbidden.