One of the main reasons why we want to live in a tinyhouse is to reduce our footprint. A small house is automatically better for the environment, but we want to do more.

We want to use solar panels to get electricity and if possible sell the electricity to other people so they don’t need the net. Our bath and dish water will be rain water, and our toilet will be a compost toilet. And the compost can we use for our vegetable garden.

Of course we are aware Jennifer doesn’t live in Ghana yet, so she is taking a lot of flights which is one of the worst things to do. That is why she only comes to Ghana when there is a set plan for her to do, and she will stay as long as possible.

Also since we are supporting people to come to Ghana, we are not very sustainable. That is why we hope if you come to Ghana you stay as long as possible in the country, don’t take domestic flights and we hope you even stay longer in West Africa (while moving around by bus and car) before you go home. If you need any help with your trip around Ghana we are happy to assist you.