In the first place Tinyhouse Ghana will be our home. We want to create a place for the two of us (and our pets?) to feel free, be together and have space to work on our businesses.

We want to create a comfortable home, where we can find anything we need. Hopefully that isn’t so much, since a tinyhouse is… tiny. Luckily we are not the first ones in the world building a tinyhouse, and online we have found a lot of inspiration for storage, space use and sustainability.

Our tinyhouse is going to be small but cosy. We want to have a balcony where we can spend evenings on, an office desk so we can work from home and a sofa so we can also relax. When we have found a place to locate for a longer time we would like to grow our own vegetables.

Does this sound good to you? Check out our booking page. If we are not living in Tinyhouse Ghana we rent it out so other people can have the same experience.