It has been a while! But we didn’t forget about you. We will update you right now.


Jennifer moved to Ghana

First of all, in September 2019 Jennifer moved to Ghana. First she worked in Ashanti Region in Moon and Star Guesthouse for three months, then spent the holidays in Accra and moved to Busua (Western Region) for another month to work at Scorpion Hill Lodge.

In the hotels she worked on (online) marketing, collaborations and graphic and website design. In February she moved to Accra, and we found a temporary (shared) apartment. We went to the office in Osu every day, because Mark is working on Go City Cycle Café. Until the crisis happened, but first another positive thing we want to share.

Food Truck Festival Accra 2019

Just after we met Mark started talking about a food truck festival he wanted to organize. That festival took place in December 2019, the first food truck festival in Ghana. It was a big success. People where enjoying the food, the music and the games. It was a really relax atmosphere.

So that was another dream of Mark he wanted to catch. And he did! Hopefully by the end of the year we can invite you to the second edition.

The crisis

As said Mark was working really hard to open the café, and then the crisis started in Ghana. So he had to postpone the opening. At the same time Jennifer was also looking for a job in Accra, to have an income beside her travel agency. Because of the lock down in Accra a lot changed for our living situation.

Jennifer moved back to Moon and Star Guesthouse, and Mark stays in Accra so hopefully once the lock down is over he can immediately go back to work and make things happen. Then also Jennifer will return back, we might have to find new housing and hopefully Jennifer can get a job fast.

What’s next?

Now we have to wait until the crisis is over, and we can go back to our (new) normal lives. We have know idea how society will look like after this crisis, so we can’t say a lot. What we can say is that we are of course still working on Tinyhouse Ghana. Just before the lock down we found an affordable trailer, and there is also a potential investor for the tourism side of the tinyhouses.

So we don’t give up! The past months were not easy, we have been through some things, but we are not going to give up. Building a tinyhouse community in Ghana is our biggest dream, and it might take some time to build it but one day it will be there!


Thank you so much for your interest in our project. You can read about Tinyhouse Ghana here. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and if you like support us!

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