Mark Boadi

Hey, I am 25 and Ghanaian who believes innovations is one way to change the status quo. I have runned multiple projects in Accra such us teaching kids in Schools to upcycle plastic bottles into reusable materials, in 2015 I founded TGI as one way to solve little problems that can be individually dealt with if people put their innovations together. I have tried my hands of multiple projects with few going through well, because Ghana and new things they are not used to always takes hard work to pull of.

As an innovative person, and I could call myself someone who tries his hands on challenging projects in DIY’s, I have been planning and researching about building a house new to Ghana on wheels, and find ways to make this an alternative form of living for younger people who may potentially never own a house of their own in the future. This is why getting to meet Jennifer with motivation as well for this dream and plan became even more worth to fight for.

Jennifer Kindt

Hi! I am Jennifer, 23 years and I live in The Netherlands. I came to Ghana for the first time in 2013, and since then I have been there 10 times so far. The first time as a volunteer, and the other times for tourism, an internship and a business program. At this moment I am running The Ghana Traveller and The West Africa Content Creators, and I can do that from every corner of the world.

I am looking forward to building the tinyhouse because it is a sustainable project that will also attract tourists to Ghana. In the future I hope to built a community with like minded people all living in tinyhouses (or other uncommon accommodation) while sharing knowledge but also sharing a vegetable garden.

Mark and Jennifer

We met in November 2018, when Jennifer was participating at Mark’s cycle tour in Accra. We kept in contact afterwards, and when Jennifer came back to Ghana in 2019 to prepare her group tour we met again, and Mark decided to join Jennifer on some of her trips. The rest is history.

Mark was having the idea of building Ghana’s first tinyhouse for a long time. Jennifer knew what a tinyhouse is but didn’t see herself living in one since she doesn’t know how to build one. What she does know is what kind of interior and decoration people like to have while on holidays, as well as promoting a service. So it was quite obvious Jennifer would be part of the Tinyhouse Ghana team as well. Not in the last place because she is together with Mark now, and what is better than having a home together?